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Spiral Flute Taps

Goliath metic spiral flute machine taps. Spiral cutting flutes allow fast thread cutting using a cordless drill orcutting head.We recomend using a cutting lubricant when thread cutting.

Part No Diameter (mm) Price Quantity
E507M3.0 3 £8.90 (inc VAT) Each
E507M4.0 4 £4.77 (inc VAT) Each
E507M5.0 5 £5.33 (inc VAT) Each
E507M6.0 6 £5.43 (inc VAT) Each
E507M8.0 8 £6.03 (inc VAT) Each
E507M10 10 £7.65 (inc VAT) Each
E507M12 12 £10.76 (inc VAT) Each
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