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Mig Wire

SG2/SG3 grades of layer wound, copper coated mild steel wire in a range of reel sizes and diameters.

E71-TGS is a carbon steel MIG wire that eliminates the need for shielding gas. Suited to welding thin gauge mild and galvanised steel.

Part No Diameter (mm) Weight KG Cored Price Quantity
WWVZFC08045 .8 .45 Cored Gasless £13.71 (inc VAT) Each
WWVZ180607L 0.6 0.7 £6.12 (inc VAT) Each
WWVZ180807L 0.8 0.7 £3.73 (inc VAT) Each
WWVZ180650L 0.6 5 £33.53 (inc VAT) Each
WWVZ180850L 0.8 5 £22.65 (inc VAT) Each
WWVZ180815LCE 0.8 15 £30.33 (inc VAT) Each
WWVZ181015LW 1.0 15 £26.24 (inc VAT) Each