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Decking Screws

Plated to withstand up to 1,000 (min) hours salt spray resistance.
Partially Threaded.
25ø sharp point for easy penetration into all wood types.
40ø deep single thread to provide a secure fixing with high pull-out resistance.
Double countersunk and ribbed under the head to assist self-countersinking.
Serrated threads on 45% of the screw and two flutes to achieve optimum insertion into all wood types.
Square drive (bit included) to reduce driver wear and prevent 'camming out'.
Lubricated with "Macalube" to enhance screw insertion time, extra driving torque and a greater resistance to corrosion (yellow only).
No need to pre-drill.

Part No Length (") Gauge (g) Quantity per box Price Quantity
DECK8X2 2 8 500 £5.05 (inc VAT) per 100
DECK8X21/2 2.1/2 8 500 £3.55 (inc VAT) per 100
DECK8X3 3 8 500 £9.28 (inc VAT) per 100
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