Image for Broaching Cutters

Broaching Cutters

For drilling large diameter holes in steel using electro-magnetic drilling machines. Weldon shank.
High grade M2 HSS steel body
Titanium-Aluminum-Nitride (TiAIN) coating ensures long service life due to 20% less fricition and 20% greater hardness than even Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating.

Part No Diameter (mm) Price Quantity
ADDBCS12 12 £15.80 (inc VAT) Each
ADDBCS18 18 £23.57 (inc VAT) Each
ADDBCS20 20 £25.14 (inc VAT) Each
ADDBCS22 22 £29.84 (inc VAT) Each
ADDBCS25 25 £28.46 (inc VAT) Each
ADDBCS27 27 £32.91 (inc VAT) Each
ADDBCS28 28 £33.60 (inc VAT) Each
ADDBCS32 32 £40.13 (inc VAT) Each