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Rtv Silicone Sealant

Description: Delta silicone rubber sealants are one part moisure cure (R.T.V.). They are 100% silicone, will not shrink and remain flexible after cure, suitable for use on most substrates. Excellent weather resistance. Acetic acid fumes evolve during cure. (Do not use on copper or lead).

Application: Ensure surfaces are clean before applying sealant, use as a gasket bonding agent on metals, plastics, glass, wood, concrete, plasterboard, acrylics, etc. A highly versatile product use in the engineering, marine, construction and automotive industries.

Part No Colour Price Quantity
DELD200 Clear £6.72 (inc VAT) Each
DELD202 Black £6.72 (inc VAT) Each
DELD201 White £7.01 (inc VAT) Each
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