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Armeg Cobalt Holesaws

Designed for extreme durability and extended tool life Armeg's CVP (Cobalt Vari-Pitch) Holesaws are the ultimate choice for the ultimate drilling performance. Offering an incredibly cost-effective and reliable solution for producing holes in Metals, Wood and Plastics, the bi-metal CVP holesaw has been manufactured using the most advanced technology available.


CVP Premium Holesaw

Tougher tooth design manufactured with M42 Superior Steel featuring 8% cobalt provides excellent wear resistance properties at higher drilling temperatures giving extended tool life.

Variable Pitch Cutting Teeth combine an aggressive cut and increased spoil removal with a smoother cut and reduced vibration for increased speed and tool durability.

Irregular Depth Clearence Gullets avoid trapped spoil by providing a more efficient chip clearence meaning teeth stay sharper for longer.

Stronger Flex-Free Body Construction designed with high alloy content steel for structural integrity and tool dependability.

Part No Diameter (mm) Price Quantity
ARMPCH020 20 £6.43 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH025 25 £7.13 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH032 32 £9.22 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH038 38 £9.37 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH040 40 £10.05 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH051 51 £10.51 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH060 60 £12.95 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH064 64 £12.55 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH070 70 £13.38 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH073 73 £13.14 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH076 76 £13.39 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH079 79 £14.66 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH083 83 £14.17 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH086 86 £15.94 (inc VAT) Each
ARMPCH102 102 £19.04 (inc VAT) Each