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Flashing Tape

Denso Flashing Tape is a tough but conformable, grey aluminium laminate-coated bitumen adhesive with a high melting point. This new foil laminate gives greater puncture resistance, improved tensile strength, elongation and tear strength. This offers the user a stronger tape that is easier to apply and accommodates the natural movement of joints in service, without the loss of adhesion or splitting.

Uses include:
Flashing repair and instillation, sealing lead sheeting, replacing lead and repairing valley gutters.

Adheres to:
Metal, concrete, brick, slate, tile, painted wood, glass and rigid plastics.


Part No Width (mm) Length (M) Price Quantity
DENFTG50MM 50 10 £4.53 (inc VAT) Each
DENFTG75MM 75 10 £10.73 (inc VAT) Each
DENFTG100MM 100 10 £14.31 (inc VAT) Each
DENFTG150MM 150 10 £21.48 (inc VAT) Each
DENFTG225MM 225 10 £32.14 (inc VAT) Each
DENFTG300MM 300 10 £42.95 (inc VAT) Each
DENFTPRIM1L £12.95 (inc VAT) Each
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